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ABOUT Metal roofING

Metal roofing has been proven to be more durable than most other roofing systems available. As a result, metal roofing has low life cycle costs. 

The aesthetic of metal roof panels is versatile; the panels can have a sleek, contemporary presence, yet still transition wonderfully to complement traditional, rustic, and industrial style properties. There are a wide variety of color options to choose from.

When a metal roof is properly installed, it should last as long as the structure, prevent water from penetrating the roof system, and endure high winds. Metal is resistant to fire, moss growth, insects, algae staining, and rot. The minimum roof pitch for a metal roof system is 3:12 (25% slope). A metal roof will shed snow and ice. Premier Roofing will evaluate the need for snow guards, as well as the overall suitability of a metal roof system, for each unique structure.

A metal roofing accent on a separate roof line (e.g., porch or dormer) can add a distinctive style to your property, when paired with a traditional shingle roof system.

metal panel profiles

ASC Skyline panels have a clean, wide pan look of integral standing seam panels.

  • Gauge: 26
  • Coverage: 16"
  • Rib Height: 1"
  • Rib Spacing: 16"
  • Concealed Fasteners

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ASC Nor-Clad panels are a light gauge, exposed fastener panel with 36” coverage.

  • Gauge: 29
  • Coverage: 36"
  • Rib Height: 5/8"
  • Rib Spacing: 9"
  • Exposed Fasteners

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